Corn Exchange, Newbury presents


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Friday 28th November 2014 – Sunday 4th January 2015, 

Corn Exchange


  • Full Price £20 - £15
  • Concession Price £15 - £13
  • Previews £10

All aboard the magic carpet!
Aladdin and his enchanted lamp are coming to town in this magical adventure.

Oh no it isn’t? Oh yes it is!

Our 2014 Pantomime at the Corn Exchange is Aladdin.
That’s right; you heard it here, and hot off the press.

* As of 1 April all live events and live broadcasts (including encores) will be subject to a booking fee when booked online or on the telephone. For films this will be 50p per ticket, for live events and live broadcasts (including encores) this will be 85p per ticket. This fee is capped at £6 for any one transaction. Bookings made in person at the Box Office will be processed free of charge. Friends and Patrons are exempt from a Ticket Booking Fee as is booking for our Get Involved programme. *