A wide range of social, creative and inclusive chances to get more out of your local arts centre

Young People - We work with hundreds of people ages 7 to 25 across dance, drama, art & events management,

Adults - Courses, workshops and groups for all levels of experience, including social groups and more formal learning experiences

Your Community - Projects aimed at particular groups within our community, such as the visually impaired or those living with dementia

Schools - An extensive menu of workshops covering literacy, personal development, curriculum support and annual performance projects

Children & Families - Opportunities for families to be creative together and for children to explore their talents and use their imagination.

Volunteering and Placements - A wide range of options for getting more involved in our organisation from age 15 upwards.

Explore these pages to see how you can learn a new skill, meet some new people or nurture your creative side with our learning and participation team.